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If you're watching this video you're probably struggling one way or another with quoting.

In this video, we'll learn how to quote together step by step

and by the end of this video, you'll be an expert!

Yes, we can.

Hold on. Did I just quote someone?

Now there are three basic principles of quoting

The quote itself has to be surrounded by quotation marks

Cite the author correctly

so make sure you include the author's name, the year, and if it's from a book or journal,

You need the exact page number as well.

The quote also has to be identical to the original, so no changing it.

If you do end up changing it, there are a few points

you need to be aware of, which I would explain later in the video.

Of course, depending on your citation style, the citation contains different information.

In this video we'll be focusing on APA. But don't worry if you're using other styles, just check the link in the description.

We just talked about the three principles of quoting, now we're diving deeper into how to quote in a bigger picture.

Let's begin with how to introduce a quote.

There are three ways to introduce a quote. The first is with an introductory sentence.

Consider this example. You can introduce the quote with the full sentence followed by a colon.

You can also use introductory signal phrase.

Now take a look at this example.

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