TEMPLATE: Format APA style bulleted lists

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We’re talking about how to do bullets after having started your paper using the template.

There are several ways to do bullets

But APA does have a rather specific bullet format

All you have to do

And this is a very easy thing to do

Is just type the list of things you want to bullet

And press ENTER after each

So here is my list of things that I want to bullet

Now I’m going to go back and select them

And up here on my style bar I do have something called BULLET

All I have to do is click once on it and there’s my bulleted list.

Now I do have a paragraph mark down here when I can start typing

Or I can press ENTER and have another bullet.

If I want to now go back to a normal body text and there’s a bullet there

All I have to do is come back up here and click on BODY TEXT

It’s that simple!

I can now start typing and life as we know it is very good!

There is also a keystroke to do bullets,

You would want to do it the same way…

You want to have your list highlighted and all you have to do

Is highlight your list, and that is a SHIFT+ALT+B.

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