How to Cite an Online Newspaper Article Using MLA 8

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hello friends today we're gonna build a

work cited entry for a newspaper article

in particular the newspaper called the

New York Times now where I got this from

might be of some interest to you I went

through the library website so I went

into Housatonic got edu I went to the

library link through the top through the

links at the very top of the page and I

landed on a page that had this as one of

the sort of sort of a little box it's

about that big on the screen it says New

York Times it's really obvious you click

on it and I logged in as myself so once

you establish an account within New York

Times then you can just go to the new

york times itself New York Times comm

and then you can actually just go

through the regular website you don't

have to go back into the library so go

see a librarian and figure out how to

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