Main Tips On How To Write Case Study Analysis

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My name is Julia and in this video we gonna be looking at how to write a case study analysis.

What is a Case Study Analysis?

A case study analysis is a form of academic writing which analyses a situation, event,

place or person to form a conclusion.

Difference Between Research Paper and Case Study

Case studies normally present a full introduction about a topic, but do not require citation

of other similar works, or the writer’s own opinion.

Conversely, research papers do not require a full introduction about the general topic

but do require citing of other similar work as well as the writer’s own views.

Types of Case Studies There are generally five types of case study

and it is important to work out which type you have been tasked to write before you can

begin to learn how to write a case study.

Historical Problem-oriented

Multiple/Collective/Cumulative Critical/intrinsic

Illustrative/instrumental Case study analysis titles are normally expected

to include the words ‘case study’.

Here are a few case study examples titles: Santander’s Expansion in Canada: Case Study

Analysis Case Study on the Effects of Art Therapy in

Children with ADHD The National Health Service’s Treatment

of People with Learning Disabilities, Case Study Analysis

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