How to Cite Sentences or Passages from a Book

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so we're gonna look at how to cite a

quote from a book so you've got your

book you've got your novel a book like

the one we're reading now out of my mind

by Sharon Draper an incredible novel and

you want to pull a piece of text out of

the novel and use it in an essay so

we're gonna learn how to do that

properly so let's say we want to quote

that proves that melody Brooks the main

character in this novel is actually a

confident young girl that she struggles

she's up against so many challenges but

she has confidence she's heroic in so

many ways so let's say we're gonna pick

a quote from page 174 an awesome page

where melody describes her confidence

and she says this I believe in me okay

so since the book is written in

first-person point of view you've got

this from the from the novel melody is

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