How to reference a book in APA format

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How to reference a basic book in APA format

A book requires 5 pieces of identifying information.


TITLE of book in full.

YEAR of publication

CITY in which the book was published


You will need to look at the cover and the fine print inside the book to find all of this information.

If the book is from the UB Library, you just need to find it on the catalogue to find all of the required information.

Assembling the identifying information

The AUTHOR'S NAME is listed first.

The author's surname or family name, comma, then initial of their first name or given name, full stop.

The YEAR is then listed in brackets, with a full stop.

The TITLE along with any sub-titles is listed in full.

The title and sub-title are separated by a colon.

Note the first letter only has a capital letter, excepting proper nouns and acronyms.

The CITY, comma, state or country, colon, is listed next

If a book has two or more cities listed, give the first named city.

Lastly is the name of the PUBLISHER and full stop.

The publisher's name is often on the front cover or spine of the book.

Any full citations that run over 1 line must be INDENTED.

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