How to Seduce a Cancer Man

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hey guys it's me stormy and today we're

going to talk about how to seduce a

cancer man or a cancer male energy now

the ticket for these two or the ticket

to get to these types of energies is to

understand that this man is protective

he is sensitive his emotions run deep

and the deepest thing that he craves is

security so once he can equate you with

security then that's where you can kind

of put on your little seductive charm

and it's actually useful because if he

feels unsafe with you or around you it's

just all bets are off you can be the

hottest thing on the planet you need the

nicest thing on the planet but if he

does not feel safe with you it's not

going to work out this is our sign of

intense nurturing so really in the space

of kind of mothering this sign is

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