How to Find Your Path After School | Amba Brown | TEDxYouth@AIS

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ever since I can remember as being one

question I've continually been asked a

question I'm sure all of you here today

have heard dozens of times before what

do you want to do after school but I've

recently concluded that this most

frequently asked question two

generations of kids is now one we need

to delete it needs to be moved to the

spam file and today I'm going to explain

why and then replace it with an updated

idea that you can take away to help find

your path but first can you put up your

hand if you've ever been asked this big

question okay now keep it up if when you

answered it you weren't sure you wanted

to commit to doing this one thing

forever that's what I thought and

research supports this idea that most of

us don't know what we want to do after

school and why should you with no

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