How To Structure An Estate Plan - Estate Planning Series Part 1

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Hi guys, Toby Mathis here and today we're going to be talking about estate

planning for wealthy families.

This is going to be a three part series

where we're covering basically the parameters.

The first part really going to be setting up your estate for success,

how we actually do things during our lifetime

and the way that we structure our affairs so that it makes it easier

to create a comprehensive estate plan that accomplishes the goals

that you want to accomplish.

Gets rid of all the nastiness and we'll talk about all these things

as we go on part.

Number two is going to be things that you should do while you're alive,

what you need to put into place during your lifetime.

What type of documents are needed during one's lifetime

to make sure that you have advocates and that you don't have an estate wasted

or taken advantage of, or otherwise?

Leave yourself at the mercy of a

either a court or somebody that does not

necessarily have your best interests at heart

or is not looking at what you want to accomplish.

If you want to do legacy planning,

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