HOW TO PLAN A TRIP TO EUROPE 2023 (STEP BY STEP) FOR FIRST TIMERS | Flights, Accommodation & More!

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planning a trip to Europe can be a

really daunting task for first-timers

from picking where to go and finding

flights to choosing hotels and building

itineraries it's all a lot of stress but

don't worry I'm here to make it easy

today I'm going to be walking you

through step by step how to plan your

own trip to Europe hi I'm Christina from I've been traveling

around Europe for the past 10 years and

my goal on this channel is to help you

travel Europe smarter so let's walk you

through the step-by-step process of

planning your own dream trip to Europe

this is going to be a pretty long video

but hopefully by the end of it you'll

have all the tools and resources that

you need to plan your own trip and stick

around till the end and I'll even give

you a free workbook that helps you do

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