VIETNAM TRAVEL GUIDE 🇻🇳 - 16 Things You MUST KNOW Before Your Visit

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If you are preparing or planning a trip to Vietnam

and want to know best practices before your visit, 

this video has you covered.

Hi, my name is Grace and I've solo traveled all across Southeast Asia for seven months.

I spent about a month traveling from the  central to northern part of Vietnam, leaving it  

as my favorite country traveled to in Southeast Asia.

So in this video, I'm going to be sharing with you  

my top travel tips when traveling over to Vietnam,  and things that you should know before your visit.

Before anything

First things first, that before  heading over to Vietnam, you do need a Visa to enter.

Out of all the countries that have visited  in Southeast Asia,

trying to get my Vietnam Visa took the most time.

Most countries that I visited  such as Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, I was able to  

get my Visa pretty quickly but Vietnam was the  only one where I had to wait a couple of days to get.

I did wait no more than three days to get  and I've heard mixed opinions on getting visa upon arrival  

I've met some people in Vietnam who  said that they got Visa upon arrival but it was  

also during covid so I'm not entirely sure if they  tightened up the rules.

As a U.S citizen, I was only

allowed to stay in Vietnam with an e-visa for up  to 30 days but you do also want to know that your  

Visa doesn't start from the day you enter into  the country, your Visa actually starts from the  

day that you say that you're going to enter  the country when filling out the application. 

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