South of France Travel Guide | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO!

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bonjour et bienvenue i'm lexi and after

traveling to every country in the world

we are back in one of my absolute

favorite places the south of france on

the beautiful french riviera when you

think of this area of the world you

probably think of big yachts and fancy

casinos and maybe even topless beaches

and while you can find all of those

things here there is so much more to

explore and in this video you're going

to find out everything you need to know

about traveling through the south of

france right now we are on the castle

hill which gives you an incredible

overview of nice and we are actually

going to go down to the old town right

now to start our adventure so let's go

this video is mainly focusing on the

french riviera but there is a lot more

that the south of france has to offer

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