How to Plan a Trip to Portugal | PORTUGAL TRAVEL GUIDE

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you're planning on traveling to portugal

well i just got back from a 10-day trip

to portugal with my mom and she said it

was the best trip she's ever been on in

this video i'm gonna share with you

everything you need to know to plan your

own trip to portugal let's go


first things first how do you get to

portugal we took a direct flight from

washington dulles to lisbon airport

super easy super streamlined it got us

there all right the best way to get

around portugal is by renting a rental

car we rented with avis it was really

great it got us everywhere we needed to

go one thing to note about renting cars

in portugal is that if you can drive

manual then you'll probably be saving a

lot of money on rental car prices we

can't and so we rented an automatic car

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