How to Travel Jordan in 7 Days

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welcome to jordan this country is well

known for its salty waters of the dead

sea and its healing mat red sand dunes

of the wadi ram desert and of course one

of the seven wonders of the world the

lost city of petra

hi there my name is cristina and i love

to travel and i must say that jordan

completely took me by surprise it is a

very unique country with one of the

kindest and loveliest people and the

best food i'm working a 9-5 job with

generous number of vacation days but no

time to be wasted i travel jordan in 7

days here is how

the chances are that you will be landing

in the capital city of jordan aman make

sure to buy a head to jordan pass

because this will save you tons of money

later the best way to get around jordan

is to rent a car that you can pick up

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