What Most People Don't Know About Cabo San Lucas: 7 Travel Tips Before Traveling to Cabo Mexico

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hey there i'm ali smalls welcome to my

channel in this video i've got tons of

tips for visiting kabul mexico so if

you're planning your first trip to cabo

then you definitely want to listen to a

few of these tips before you go i kind

of wish i knew them before i was here so

let's get into it


if you've done any research you've

probably come across los cabos cabo san

lucas and san jose del cabo and you

might be a little confused like i was

los cabos is actually the name for the

entire region of the southern part of

the baja peninsula and within los cabos

there's the two sister cities so there's

san jose del cabo which is where the

airport is and then cabo san lucas which

is a little more well known

so cabo san lucas is what they call the

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