How To Plan Your Yellowstone Trip! | National Park Travel Show

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in this video we're gonna teach you how  to plan a trip to Yellowstone  

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining us on another  journey. Today we're at Yellowstone National Park.  

I'm April this is Wayne, we're Go Travel On The  Cheap. So sit back, relax and enjoy the journey!  

Yellowstone national park is huge huge massive  it is 251 miles of roads and 2.2 million  

acres of rapidly changing land and covers three  states Idaho Wyoming and Montana i highly suggest  

checking the national parks website before  your trip and as you're traveling things change  

often on there and your plans are going to need to  change with it especially during the covid times  

when packing for your trip make sure you have  clothes of all kinds because the weather is  

very volatile and it has been known to snow there  in the middle of the summer ideally bring layers  

especially if you're going to go on a hike you're  going to want to have more than just shorts and  

a t-shirt even if you're there in the summer and  even if it is a typical warm summer day it still  

get cools off pretty quickly yeah if you can bring  a cooler with you to make sandwiches i highly  

suggest it there are places to eat in Yellowstone  it's difficult to get in and out of the park  

to find a restaurant yes and they have plenty of  picnic areas side note make sure you bring plenty  

of water and wear some hiking boots yeah we always  suggest getting a camel bag you can pick one up at  

any of your sporting stores where you have plenty  of water they typically hold a liter or more  

that way you don't run out of water and and the  reason for the hiking boots is so you don't fall  

down the trail wait what that's why you wear  no i had no idea most people don't understand  

look look when Izzy came out he's got  flip-flops on trying to hike in Yellowstone  

you gotta have shoes with grip plenty of traction  they're different than tennis shoes also don't  

forget to bring some sunscreen yeah watch April  i have no shame travel tip for you when you're  

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