The Formula to planning Amazing Dates (the basics)

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I'm Zach Fazio and I'm from Texas in one

of my previous videos I showed you my

proposal to Ashlee Carroll now known as

that proposal took me a really long time

to plan but man it was worth it it even

got on national television on the TV

show right this minute here's what they

said many many people over the last few

years have claimed to have the greatest

proposal video but music you are the one

that has it so I've been a Christian now

for 12 years and I spent most that time

as a single guy but one thing I learned

in the church was how to take the women

on great dates and these dates weren't

necessarily romantic a lot of them were

just to have fun build memories and

build friendships in fact over the years

by my count I took at least 99 women on

dates before I went steady with Ashlee

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