Tokyo Travel Guide | Ultimate One Day Plan for Beginners

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if you're looking for what to do in

Tokyo you're in the right place because

in this video I'm gonna show you how to

make the best out of one day in Tokyo

we're starting our morning at skeezy

fish market if you want to you could get

up before dawn and check out the auction

but we don't want to be sleepy

throughout the day so we're starting at

8 o'clock instead it's so cool it's

right behind the fish market look at

this place it's a very very reasonable

price in all it's key to market let's go

inside and check it out today we're

gonna have a fresh sashimi bowl for

breakfast at tanah Ichi

I ordered tuna salmon and Negi toto and

Maiko got the lady's Bowl and a side of

Oni alright let's try the first place

super fresh alright let's walk around

Joe guy market there are so many food

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