How To Plan A Retreat? Plus Mistakes You Should Avoid When Planing Your Very First Retreat.

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so hey today's episode I'm going to see

Allison who is the studio owners yoga

studio owner here in a resort area

palaces hosting a very successful yoga

studio and she wants to up level her her

business by hosting a retreat selling

the live event and so we're gonna

actually go and talk about how can she

start planning for her retreats for her

customer this is gonna be fun actually

I'm super excited about that let's do it

so Allison so tell me a little bit about

your business what how long have you

have these studios and and where do you

want to go from here sure I'll tell you

a little bit about myself I've had

become yoga East Valley since July 13 to

2013 so we just going over our six year

mark Wow yeah so it's been it's been a

great journey we have the Bikram yoga

sequence here along with we've added in

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