BOOKING YOUR FIRST CRUISE! A Beginner's Guide | Cruising Tips

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Hey folks, welcome back to Where's Walter. I'm Walter.

And I'm Rebecca.

And today we're planning your first cruise by looking at options to book that cruise.

In another episode, we touched upon this but you know, booking the cruise can be one of the most

confusing aspects for a new cruiser. It's not like booking a hotel, you know, you just see the

hotel room, a whole bunch of websites, there's all the various prices you pick it and go. With

the cruise, with every level of cabin there's, there's different variations of the cabin.

There's all kinds of extra fees, there's this, there's that, port fees, a lot of things that

first time cruisers don't understand. So we're going to talk about a few options that could

help you in booking your first cruise. So first of all, we're going to start out talking about

travel agents, booking direct and hurricane season and this especially applies for those of

you watching from the United States. If you're watching this from the US, more than likely your

first cruise will be a Caribbean cruise. They're the cheapest, they're the most plentiful, and

they have a lot of variety. And so there's something called hurricane season. And it

generally in the US, it actually runs from say June to November, but for the purposes of

cruising, generally they consider August through say early October, late October to be hurricane

season for cruises. And there's two things to know about this. One, the prices can be a little

bit cheaper. If cruise lines are going to run sales, they will generally run them or if

they're going to reduce rates, they will generally have cheaper rates during hurricane

season because there are a lot of people who are afraid to cruise during hurricanes, they get

concerned that hey, the ship might get caught in a hurricane. Which leads me to point number two.

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