IMF 10 Steps to Organize a 5K Walk Run Fundraiser

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Meet Carol.

Carol wants to fundraise for myeloma research, but she needs a hand.

Carol calls Suzanne at the International Myeloma Foundation.

Suzanne says, “Hey Carol, you have friends who like to run.

Ask about 5 of them to join your 5 K Walk/Run committee.”

Next, Carol must scout a location.

She looks at nearby parks and college campuses.

Then, she contacts her local government office for a city permit.

Carol and her team pick a date for the 5 K Walk/run.

They make sure their event date doesn’t conflict with bad weather or holidays.

Races have to be timed.

So Carol’s team visits their local running store.

The running store provides recommendations for timing companies.

Now Carol reconnects with Suzanne at the International Myeloma Foundation.

Suzanne and the IMF team build a website for the 5K Walk/Run.

The IMF also sends out email blasts and promotes Carol and her team’s 5K on social media.

Carol’s team promotes the same 5K Walk/ Run by writing press releases to their local

news outlets and hanging flyers all over town.

Carol would like local businesses to donate.

The IMF helps Carol by providing a solicitation letter for her to present to local businesses,

which offers those businesses a tax write-off for donating.

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