Planning my next backpacking trip to South America 💃🏻Research, Budget, Packing + more

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hello friends I hope that you're well as

many of you may know I have picked my

next big backpacking destination and

that is South America more specifically

Colombia and Ecuador to start off with

in this video I'm going to be taking you

through my entire planning process

things that I've already done the things

I'm currently doing and the things that

I still need to do I'm going to be

looking at destinations budget

accommodation traveler gistic activities

visas packing all that fun stuff so

firstly let's start off with the things

that I've obviously already done so the

very first thing was picking the

destination how did I pick Colombia and

Ecuador as my next destinations I'm at

the point in my life where I really need

to prioritize the destinations that I

want to travel to as a solo backpacker

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