How to Train for a 5k in 2023 (Don't Make These 6 Mistakes)

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training for your first 5k  

don't make these mistakes [Music]  

hello fellow rebel coach Jim here and today I want to help you avoid  

the most common mistakes that I see when people are training for their first  

5k now i've run everything from 55 meters to  

40 miles and I've coached people through a variety of races  

and there's certain mistakes that i just see people make over and over again  

let's get right into them alright mistake number one  

no plan people will sign up for 5k and they'll casually run here and  


until it gets about a week or two away from the race  

then they get scared and they start trying to cram as much running as they  

can in those last several days it never works out well please  

don't do this there are a ton of different  

5k programs out there we have an excellent  

nine-week 5k training program in our fitness app  

Nerd Fitness Journey it will take people from absolute beginners  

to finishing their first 5k link in the description below  

whatever plan you pick you want to make sure it matches up well with you  

that it matches up with your experience level  

the time between the now and the race and your frequency of  

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