How to Properly Setup Your Golf Bag

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hey guys welcome back to the channel

let's do a quick video on how to set up

your bag correctly we've got two

different types of bags here we have a

cart bag this is basically just designed

to sit on the back of the cart if you're

someone who likes to ride a lot this

might be your your option here or we

have the stand bag which i like i prefer

i think most golfers should be using the

stand bag unless you like i said you

ride every single time maybe the car

back's right for you regardless too many

times i see people setting up their

clubs incorrectly which can cause damage

to their golf clubs so let's talk about

how i think you should set your bag up

now at the end of the day these are your

golf clubs and they're your bags so you

could do whatever you want but these are

just suggestions that i think that are

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