How to Organize Your School Supplies | Plan With Me

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hey guys it's Noel in my past plan with

me videos I've been showing you how to

organize your life on paper but let's be

real as amazing as it is planning out

your goals and keeping track of all your

notes sometimes you just need help

organizing your disaster of a backpack

trust me I get it at the beginning of

the year your backpack is clean and

crisp and you've got a pencil box in

there and all your notebooks have barely

been touched but by the end of week

three it's an absolute disaster all your

notebooks are a complete mess you don't

know which one was meant for which class

your earbuds are a knotted mess at the

bottom of your bag and all your pencils

have completely disappeared well it's

time to put these messy backpack clothes

behind you because I've got a bunch of

tips and tricks on how to get rid of all

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