Pack Toiletries (With Travel Hacks)

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hey there today I'm teaching you how to

pack toiletries this is going to help

you organize your packing list of

toiletries while showing you some travel

hacks the number one travel tip for

packing toiletries is to divide them up

among your carry-on bags you're going to

separate the essentials before you pack

them into pouches baggies a hanging

toiletry bag or a top kit and the second

way to organize your toiletries is into

categories this picture that I've made

for you is going to help you mentally

fit your toiletries that are necessary

for a trip into a category I'm going to

give you a picture so that you can

categorize in your head as well as on a

packing list now you can pack based on

these topics Health Essentials for a

trip hair makeup and skin care and

notice that we are also going to include

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