Packing Mistakes (Carry-On, TSA Line, First Time Flying)

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for your next trip i do not want you to

make these packing mistakes today i will

teach you how to lessen those mistakes

that you make if this is your first time

in an airplane or if you have not flown

since the transportation security

administration was even instituted the

packing mistakes i'm going to talk about

are over packed suitcases that cause

more weight and then you have to pay

more money for them not knowing how to

go through airport security based on

what you have packed and if you're a

passenger who keeps making these same

packing mistakes over and over i am here

to help my goal for this video is to

show you what you absolutely do need so

that you pack the fewest amount of

things and you have confidence going

through airport security and packing

that suitcase but first you have to pack

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