How to Stuff a Large Sleeping Bag Into a Stuff Sack Quickly (4k UHD)

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in this video i'm going to show you how

to stuff

a very large sleeping bag into a

relatively small stuff sack this video

is all about

stuffing a sleeping bag into a stuff

sack how to do it efficiently without

killing yourself and i'm going to show

you a couple of tricks i've used

this video was suggested by one of my

subscribers on my youtube channel

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i've got to cover all the bases here

so i've got a western mountaineering

puma bag here this thing

is rated to minus 20 or minus 25 degrees

fahrenheit and this thing is really huge

i've got a sea to summit

event bag in the xl size you can see

oh maybe you can see it here there you

go there is the xl size

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