How to pack your sleeping bag easily & give your bag a longer life!

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Hi, it's Sarah at Tentworld Toowoomba here.

Just going to talk to you about the process of how to pack a sleeping bag away correctly.

So most people would be familiar with it being factory folded and rolled

like so.

I recommend against doing this

as over time it does actually break all the fibres down the front and back of your sleeping bag

and will make the actual sleeping bag cold.

So what I recommend to do

grab my bag

is gather your sleeping bag like so.

Grab it by the feet and kind of scrunch it up.

Grab your bag.

Push it into the bag.

And what I sort of do is I turn the bag as I'm putting the sleeping bag in

and I'm sort of turning it all at the same time.

(clock ticking)

Like so.

So I grab the actual -

I'll just put it on the ground here.

Grab it

put it in

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