here is how I ✨PACK✨ to go on a trip as a content creator 🤳

↔️ ↕️


let's go pack a seven day trip but

except i'm not going anywhere maybe

because i'm also wishing i was going

somewhere i talked to trait when the

package try and close over the clothes i

already have on i also pack clothes that

match my luggage because why not this is

a mono's checked in medium which is an

amazing luggage i even went on a

week-long trip in paris in the winter

and i was able to fit my clothes my

toiletries my tripod and my shoes all in

this luggage and since i'm a content

creator i use the metro backpack to pack

all my electronics and needs that i need

for content creation there's also a

removable pouch where i store like five

sunscreens face roller and a serum i

hope you enjoyed this video because i

will be unpacking all this right now

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