10 Life Changing Tips for Packing Lunch for Work or School

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I recently heard someone talking about

how you absorbed the Karma of the people

cooking for you and you know it sounds a

little crazy but I honestly believe in

that you know on this channel we're

always trying to teach you how to cook

for yourself cook for the people around

you because you're gonna be putting in

the most amount of good love good energy

into your food which means you're gonna

be taking that in and I I believe that

wholeheartedly I think cooking for

yourself will change your life you'll

feel better you'll feel more

accomplished all of the things we've

always tried to teach you on this

channel of course but when it comes to

you know taking food on the run that's

that's new for a lot of people that's a

that's a weird thing usually people they

just eat out when they are out of their

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