PACKING 101: How To Pack Your Suitcase for International Travel!

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Hello friends welcome back to my channel

if you're new welcome my name is

Christine so if you guys saw a couple of

weeks ago brand and I were in Italy and

south of France for a month and I got so

many questions on how we packed for that

trip and we are actually headed on

another one month adventure to London

Paris New York and then Miami so it's

another four week month long trip and I

thought I would share some of my best

Packing Tips I've learned while packing

for my trip so let's go ahead and Dive

Right In so the luggage I'm actually

using is from Manos and I actually have

been really enjoying this a lot of you

guys were asking how it compares to my

way and I actually really really like

the monos

quite a bit more affordable than the way

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