PACK LIGHT FOR EUROPE TRAVEL | Step by Step How to Pack a Carry-On Bag (Like a Pro!)

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If you're a chronic overpacker, this video's for you because by the end of it

you are going to know step by step how to pack lightly for your Europe trip

even if you're traveling during wintertime. So here's a little secret, I'm

actually flying home to Canada tomorrow so this is very much a pack with me

video so you can see exactly how I pack my suitcase to maximize space and to

also make sure it's not too heavy so if you're excited for this video give me a

thumbs up, comment below and let's hit that cheesy intro.

What's up, smarties? Christina here from and today I am

going to teach you step by step how to pack light for Europe... but first I need

to channel my inner Oprah and give away a postcard! Every week, I give away a

postcard to someone who comments so if you want one comment below with your

favorite tip from this video. A huge congrats to our winner from last week,

Aaran! Now let's pack. Here's a walkthrough for packing light on your next trip. step

one: pick your gear. when I'm packing light I usually travel with these two

bags every time - a small Samsonite hardshell case and this classic Herschel

backpack. I also have some other essentials that I always pack to keep me

organized. if you watch last week's video all about my best packing hacks you'll

know one thing I cannot travel without is a good packing cube. If my goal is to

pack light, I'll typically reserve one packing cube for tops, one packing cube

for bottoms, a small packing cube for socks, underwear and bras, as well as a

dirty laundry bag and a little garment bag for shoes, For a full packing cube

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