How to travel with just one bag (& zero sacrifices)

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in a few weeks I'm going to be headed on

a multi-month trip and today I'll share

exactly how I am able to pack everything

comfortably into one single bag without

feeling like I'm sacrificing anything

everything of course starts with the bag

itself and the one that currently fits

my needs is the travel backpack by a

company called pact next for ease of

access this backpack behaves much like a

luggage enabling tremendously easy

packing and unpacking because of its

main compartment featuring a complete

clamshell opening like a wheeled luggage

each half of the clamshell has its own

full wraparound zip compartment to keep

things organized there are of course

many other pockets and compartments

which of course begs the question what

do I actually pack there are four key

categories clothes Tech hygiene and

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