OB/GYN Shares What You Need to Pack to Bring to the Hospital for Mom, Partner, and Baby!

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hi everyone we are the doctors bjorkman a  physician couple going through pregnancy ourselves  

for the very first time and this week we are going  to share with you guys what we are going to pack  

in our hospital bags when we go to the hospital to  have this little baby yeah after years of catching  

babies and years of taking care of babies we said  it's finally time to put that practice to work as  

we're getting ready ourselves if you've never  met us before i'm sarah i'm an ob gyn also in  

the third trimester of pregnancy i'm kurt and i'm  a pediatrician and we are at the doctor's bjorkman

welcome back um as you guys know i am an ob  gyn and i have been delivering babies for years  

so i have seen lots of moms come through labor  and delivery with their hospital bag and now it is  

time for me to pack my hospital bag and so i want  to share with you some of the things that i think  

are essential that you guys are also going to  want to pack i kind of think of dividing the bag  

situation into one for mom one for dad one  for baby and we'll tell you kind of what  

we're putting in each of those mine curts and then  babies um but also just remember that you don't  

need a ton of stuff you're only gonna be there  a few days you don't need to roll in like you're  

staying for a month and we'll make sure you  have everything you need without going crazy

the first thing i think about are those things  that i'm going to want when i get there in labor  

or if i'm go undergoing an induction that's  going to take a couple days to get things going  

what am i going to want to like be comfortable on  labor and delivery and the first thing i think of  

is a pillow your own pillow from home with  your own pillowcase um just to have it's  

one of those things if you get to take a  nap or rest you're just more comfortable  

hospitals are not hotels and so sometimes their  blankets are really thin and their pillows are  

not super comfortable and they're lined with  plastic and um definitely i am taking a pillow  

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