What to Pack for Daycare for Babies | Childcare Tips for Parents

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today I'm sharing a list of 15 supplies

to pack for your baby when starting them

in a Child Care Program this isn't just

a simple checklist I'm sharing Insight

from my child care provider's

perspective so I'm giving tips and

details about the best items to pack for

the child care environment that the

average parent might not think of first

up is bottles you'll want to check with

the child care center if they require

pre-made bottles or if the teachers can

prepare them at the program for formula

fed babies some programs require the

bottles to be pre-made at home and

brought in while some will allow you to

bring in a can to leave at the program

for breastfed babies bring an extra bags

to leave in the freezer at the center as

backup Their little bodies are growing

fast and sometimes the amount that they

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