15 Essentials You Need in a Car Emergency Kit for 2023

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in today's video I'm going to cover the

15 things that every man should have in

his truck winter edition first off a

good flashlight my years with the fire

department have taught me that the

Streamlight Survivor is in excellent

light it's a real penetrating beam so

you can identify things at a long long

way off it cuts through fog pretty good

and it's 90 degree angle makes it very

useful for hands-free if you need to put

your tire chains on or work on something

you can clip it on and you can work

hands-free you can sit it on the ground

it stands upright and it has really good

battery setup here it's got four takes

four double a batteries that fit in this

clam shell and it lasts a long long time

make sure because it doesn't have a

safety switch you're going to throw this

in a box or underneath your the back

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