Packing a TRAVEL MAKEUP BAG | STOP Overpacking! + TSA Makeup Tips

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today we're talking all about packing a

travel makeup bag and not over packing

that travel makeup bag but still

bringing exactly what you need and want

to look and feel your best whether

you're traveling by car or by plane

welcome back to my channel if you're new

here my name is Stephanie I talk about

everyday beauty made easy and today I'm

going to be showing you what's in my

travel makeup bag that I have here which

is pretty moderately sized if you're

someone who wants to streamline even

further or who is maybe traveling by

plane I'm going to be showing you what

size makeup bag you would end up with if

you had to remove some of these items

and put them in a TSA liquids bag and of

course I'm going to show you which items

those would be I've traveled a lot in my

44 years of life and I always like to

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