How we pack our backpacks and what it all weighs!

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in total we've spent over a year living

out of backpacks and sleeping outside

this is how we pack our packs watch the

weights add up as we go we put our

sleeping bags at the bottom no stuff

sack needed this creates a comfortable

base next comes the heavy stuff

including electronics and a bag full of

food lighter things go near the top

starting with a dry bag filled with

extra layers next comes our tyvek ground

sheet renee carries the tarpon tent

toiletries and first aid kit and our

poop shop we save the outside of our

packs for things we'll use throughout

the day i carry the cook set which

includes a pot stove sport lighter and

fuel we buckle our sleeping pads on top

water bottles and filters go in the side

pockets bones and snacks go in our hip

belt pockets and that's it we're off

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