Moving Overseas: What To Do With Your Stuff

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(Kathleen) What in the world are you going to do with all of your stuff? If you are thinking about making  

a move overseas, that might be one of the  questions keeping you awake at night. "I've  

got this four bedroom house with an attic, a garage,  and a basement, and it's all filled with a lifetime  

worth of accumulation. How in the world do I  downsize to make a move to a new country?" Hi  

I'm Kathleen Peddicord. (Lief) I'm Lief Simon. (Kathleen) And we're going to answer that question right now based on  

more than 20 years of experience doing this over  and over again for ourselves and helping others.  

(Lief) Right, and my typical answer that I give  when we talk about shipping at conferences is  

get a lighter fluid and a match. And that solves  all of your problems. Men in the audience usually  

chuckle at that, the women cringe. And so,  if you're a couple looking to downsize and get  

rid of stuff before moving overseas there might  be some arguments coming. (Kathleen) This can definitely be,  

we'll, you know, we'll get to the practicalities  involved and make some practical tips or offer  

some practical suggestions in a minute. But first  there's a big emotional aspect to this and  

it can definitely lead to some lively debate  between husband and wife or significant others  

if you're going to be making a move together. We  know from a lot of, again, personal experience. We've  

shipped from The States to Ireland containers,  from Ireland to Paris, from Paris to Panama, 

from Ireland to Panama, and from the United States  to Panama. And every time we've made one of those  

decisions, made that decision to ship a container  load of something from one country to another,

I promised Lief that's the last time I'll ask  to do that. And Lief has insisted, this is the  

last time we will do this. (Lief) And then we still do it. And, at this point, we're not shipping big things.  

Over the Summer we ship some books from the U.S. to Panama for the Community Center that we're  

starting out at Los Islotes. My mother was downsizing, so we were in The States helping her. And she is  

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