Top Golf Travel Tips - Protect Yourself and Your Clubs

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um before we uh load up we've got to do uh some

some let's say housekeeping first before before

this goes in there all right here this is on uh by the way thanks for

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have at it down there and uh in this video we're obviously talking about top

travel tips so stay the end because you're going to

see some cool things along the way and hopefully

learn some you know travel do's and don'ts when you're

planning your golf getaway or in the midst of it

and also comment down below let me know what i missed and what you like to do

things you do and on your golf trips that really helps

out the first thing i do is i go through my golf bag and i

start just taking out everything i don't need okay

because you have a lot of stuff in here and a lot of it you might not need

as you go

so what we're going to do now is we're going to put everything in a

little in a little bag let's roll that up

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