How to Pack for the Beach When You Have a Baby, Toddler, & Kids

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how I pack for the beach with a baby and

three kids if it doesn't fit into this

huge ass bag then it's not coming

luckily this bag holds everything and I

mean everything except the beach chairs

and don't even kid yourself in bringing

beach chairs if you're a parent this

thing was a hit with not just the baby

but all the kids the wonderful Wagon

made it really really easy for us to

carry the baby and everything in it and

it doubled as a pack and play for my

baby to sleep and because the seats come

out it already comes with the shade

canopy and then we hooked up the fan

with it and he was staying nice and cool

looking for the full list of everything

I pack and bring when I have a baby

toddler and kids I have everything

listed for you right here

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