Tips For Moving House Without the Stress | Phil Spencer: Home Hero

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you've just bought your new home

contracts have been exchanged and time

is ticking down to your big day I'm here

to show you how moving house doesn't

have to move you to tears I'm just

outside a Peter Brooke meeting mark and

Tanya who are about to move out of their

four-bedroom house moving home doesn't

have to be stressful and scary I'm gonna

show them the easy way you're in the

photos of movement yeah

we're not probably the most organized of

people oh yeah yeah we like to fly by

the seat of our pants were a bit chaotic

and with the three kids there's a fair

bit moving I was hiring a seven and a

half ton er and was gonna drive that

myself and package of and pack with

unpacking and unpack it and shift the

kids and the animals as well so we

better look around I think so

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