Pack for the Inca Trail in FIVE MINUTES!

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hacking for the Inca Trail is not a

small task bedrooms in my ass how do you

roll socks but the effort was well worth

it to be prepared for our track and it

made the whole experience much more

enjoyable after careful research we

booked our four day three night private

Inca Trail track with alpaca Expeditions

as with most of the tracking companies

our Excursion included Porters to carry

our gear upon arrival in Cusco we would

check in for our briefing and receive

our duffel the bright green bag which we

had to fit all our gear in as a note you

will not have access to the duffel bag

during the hike so you'll need to carry

a day pack as well we already posted a

complete packing list for the day pack

and we'll leave a link in the

description for that every ounce counts

there are laws on how much the porters

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