What to Pack??? Half Dome- Yosemite (1/2)

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hey thanks for joining me again I've had

some people ask me what I recommend that

they pack for their day hike to Half

Dome at Yosemite National Park so I'm

making this video to share that info

with whoever might be going there so the

first two things I'm going to show you

our items that I that I believer that I

strongly recommend bringing and that are

Half Dome specific items so the first

one is a pair of work gloves or

gardening gloves and these are for when

you're going up the cables on the

backside of the dome the top of the of

the hike you got to go up these two

metal cables and there the last time I

was there which was quite a long time

ago there certainly used to be a pile of

leg gloves at the base of it so that

still might be the case I don't know

whether it is or isn't but I wouldn't

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