What to wear in Copenhagen | 15 piece summer travel capsule

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hey guys welcome back to my channel

so in today's video i wanted to share

with you what i am bringing with me for

a 10-day trip to copenhagen

so we're traveling to copenhagen this

year we're staying home in denmark we

don't have any travels far away or

anything like that going for 10 days and

we're going to be house sitting which is

going to be really nice in the

copenhagen area so that we have a base

that we can turn to and a place to sort

of recharge our batteries we're

traveling with a toddler our daughter's

almost two years old so it's nice to

have a place where you can just hang out


when we get tired of the big city bus

basically so we haven't planned anything

specific yet we're gonna just take it on

a day-to-day basis which is again gonna

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