How NOT to Look Like A Tourist While Traveling To Europe This Summer

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don't be this person you know the one

that stands out so much as a tourist he

almost has a flashing neon sign overhead

that says american american instead in

this video i'm going to share some

simple style tweaks you can make to

really blend in when you travel to

europe and these tips are all based on

my experience of living there for over

six months hi ladies it's erin and

welcome back to my channel in this video

i want to share how not to look like a

tourist while you are in europe there

are some simple changes that you can


and things that you can pack so that you

are guaranteed to blend in and look more

european there's a couple of reasons why

you don't want to stand out the first

one is safety when you stand out as an

american taurus or a tourist you are

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