How to pack using ONE Carry On for ONE WEEK of outfits! *Genius Packing Method Revealed*

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hi guys welcome back to my channel i'm

christina founder of joy cosmetics and i

am a packing genius no seriously i have

it down and if you struggle with

bringing the right amount of clothes

looking amazing

packing it all in a carry-on including

your toiletries your hair your makeup

the rest i've got the solution this is

literally my secret weapon for looking

great while i travel and doing it all

with a carry-on because nothing makes me

more annoyed than waiting for luggage at

the baggage claim i don't do that i just

don't do that so let's get started

packing i'm gonna give you my


secret tip on packing light as well as

my three travel essentials i'm gonna

walk you through an entire week's worth

of clothes

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