Baby Travel Packing Checklist | How to Pack

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- In this video, we're gonna be talking about a checklist

that you can use when you're packing for a trip

with your baby.

We're gonna be talking about carryon stuff

and suitcase stuff.

Right, Kai?

Yeah, yeah!


(upbeat music)

Recently, I went on my first international trip

with my four-month-old.

We went to England and Malta and it was a really good trip.

You can see how the flying experience went

in the video that is going to pop right now

in the corner.

Before we left for our trip, I started to plan

what I was gonna bring for this trip for her

like a week in advance which is not typically what I do.

Usually, I pack the day before if not the day of leaving

on a trip because I've been doing it

so many times for so many years,

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