packing with me for a ski trip!!!

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hello and welcome to my Channel or

welcome back it is a packing video today

but I have never done a packing for a

cold or ski trip and so that's what I'm

up to I have the packing list going

already and some things that I have to

do before we leave normally when I pack

for tropical things it's like shove a

bunch of swimsuits and some cute dresses

this is pretty different and also living

in Florida I'm just not used to it so

yeah as always my favorite Packing Tips

are packing cubes and having bags to put

everything in it keeps you so organized

and it's so much easier when you pack

that way to repack once you're on the

trip and then unpack when you get home I

love it so much then the reusable

containers which I've talked about a few

times these are the ones I use they're

silicone and good for the environment

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